Commit 787720f5 authored by Michael Hanus 's avatar Michael Hanus

Add emptiness check to `addClass`

parent 42b52151
......@@ -833,9 +833,11 @@ addAttrs (HtmlCRef hexp cref) attrs =
HtmlCRef (addAttrs hexp attrs) cref
addAttrs (HtmlAction act) _ = HtmlAction act
--- Adds a class attribute to an HTML element.
--- Adds a class attribute to an HTML element
--- (if the class attribute is not empty).
addClass :: HtmlExp -> String -> HtmlExp
addClass hexp cls = addAttr hexp ("class",cls)
addClass hexp cls | null cls = hexp
| otherwise = addAttr hexp ("class",cls)
-- Auxiliaries for faster show (could be later put into a standard library)
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