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......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ The operator \ccode{-=-} specifies a test where both sides must
have a single identical value. Since this operator (as many more, see below)
are defined in the library \code{Test.Prop}\pindex{Test.Prop},\footnote{%
The library \code{Test.Prop} is a clone of the library
\code{Test.EasyCheck}\pindex{Test.EasyCheck} (see package \code{easycheck})
which defines only the interface but not the actual test implementations.
Thus, the library \code{Test.Prop} has less import dependencies.
When CurryCheck generates programs to execute the tests,
import Test.EasyCheck
import Test.Prop
revrev :: [a] -> [a]
revrev xs = reverse (reverse xs)
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