Commit 6803e76b authored by Michael Hanus 's avatar Michael Hanus

Sensible type analysis added, bug fix in dependency type analysis

parent 93a7e2a0
Sensible types analysis
The `SensibleType` analysis is a type analysis which checks
whether a type is sensible, i.e., whether there exists at least
one value of this type. This analysis associates to each type
constructor the following information:
* sensible, i.e., there is exists some value of this type
* parametric sensible, i.e., it is parametric type which is sensible
if all type arguments are instantiated with sensible types
* not sensible, i.e., there may be no values of this type
For instance, the list type constructor "[]" is sensible
and the pair type constructor "(,)" is parametric sensible.
For further examples, consider the following type declarations:
type Pair = (Int,Int)
data RTree a = RTree a [RTree a]
data ITree a = ITree a (ITree a)
type IntRTree = RTree Int
type IntITree = ITree Int
type ITreeRTree = RTree (ITree Int)
Then this analysis computes the following information:
Pair : sensible
RTree : parametric sensible
ITree : not sensible
IntRTree : sensible
IntITree : not sensible
ITreeRTree : not sensible
Note that function types are classified as not sensible since it is
not known whether some operation of this type exists.
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
--- A few base functions for analysing type dependencies in FlatCurry programs.
--- @author Heiko Hoffmann, Michael Hanus
--- @version April 2013
--- @version Junes 2017
module CASS.FlatCurryDependency(dependsDirectlyOnTypes,callsDirectly) where
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ dependsDirectlyOnTypes (TypeSyn _ _ _ typeExpr) = nub (tconsOf typeExpr)
tconsOf :: TypeExpr -> [(String,String)]
tconsOf (TVar _) = []
tconsOf (FuncType a b) = tconsOf a ++ tconsOf b
tconsOf (TCons qName _) = [qName]
tconsOf (TCons qName texps) = qName : concatMap tconsOf texps
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ import Analysis.RequiredValue
import qualified Analysis.RequiredValues as RVS
import Analysis.RightLinearity
import Analysis.RootReplaced
import Analysis.SensibleTypes
import Analysis.SolutionCompleteness
import Analysis.Termination
import Analysis.TotallyDefined
......@@ -70,6 +71,7 @@ registeredAnalysis =
,cassAnalysis "Higher-order constructors" hiOrdCons showOrder
,cassAnalysis "Higher-order functions" hiOrdFunc showOrder
,cassAnalysis "Productive operations" productivityAnalysis showProductivity
,cassAnalysis "Sensible types" sensibleType showSensible
,cassAnalysis "Sibling constructors" siblingCons showSibling
,cassAnalysis "Required value" reqValueAnalysis showAFType
,cassAnalysis "Required value sets" RVS.reqValueAnalysis RVS.showAFType
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